[Arirang TV, 2020.08.18] Developing in vitro diagnostic systems, “ABSOLOGY(앱솔로지)” > VIDEO

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[Arirang TV, 2020.08.18] Developing in vitro diagnostic systems, “ABSO…


The domestically developed test kits have been actively exported to overseas countries. And it has accelerated the advancement of the domestic companies into the global medical market. Therefore, a lot of companies have focused efforts into increasing the speed of diagnosis, in order to strengthen their competitiveness. ABSOLOGY is a company that develops and mass-produces in vitro diagnostic medical devices. ABSOL, which is an in-vitro-diagnostic immunoassay system, is one of the main items of the company. The system consists of an analyzing device and a test kit. And it only takes about 5-30 minutes to check the test result. Moreover, it is possible to test multiple elements only with a single device. The company has also developed ABSOL HS which is a device for high-sensitive quantitative immunodiagnosis. Unlike the existing ABSOL products, it can analyze even the minimum amount of biomarkers with increased level of sensitivity. What is more, the firm has established a system for mass production by introducing automation facilities. And it aims to grow as a global business. We introduce ABSOLOGY, which has developed in vitro diagnostic systems with increased speed and accuracy.